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Thursday, May 24th, 2012
Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Wood Fired Brick Ovens

We Build any type of out door or restaurant brick oven. If you can dream it we can build it.

Pizza Consultants

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

pizza_school_logo We offer several types of training at our school. Our first class is a five day course. This is a hands on professional course that we teach weekly. This is for people who want to learn how to make pizza and master the skills involved with it. It is a very comprehensive course with hands on training.

Our students learn all the fundamentals of dough making daily. We have comprehensive work books that allow the student to grasp the basics, and truly learn how to make great products!  These fundamental are explained and demonstrated every day. The student makes the dough from our standard recipe from start to finish each day.

The student roles the dough, ensures the quality of the dough, and understands all the principles regarding making perfect dough.

The student also is taught how to open the dough and make various sizes of pizza. The student will work at opening and stretching dough every day, as well as making breads. The training is one on one with a master trainer who ensures the student is doing a good job, while building confidence and ability by repetitive training.

The student also learns how to operate a wood fired oven and practices these skills daily. All the basic fundamentals are explained and the student cooks dozens of pies every day. We also cover sauce making, and pizza toppings as part of the 5 day   training course.

This is a very intense training program provided in a real restaurant atmosphere. The students leave with complete knowledge of how to make dough, sauce and incredible pizza skills. The student   understands all the basic principles regarding it and has a lot of fun learning.

If you need to learn the art of pizza we train all our students in a professional manner and guarantee they will be able to produce perfect pizzas upon graduation. The atmosphere is fun and very educational. If you want to learn the secrets and techniques of making incredible pizza this class is for you. Our programs consist of verbal, written and hands on one on one training in a live restaurant environments. We make sure that the student learns each step thoroughly and can apply what he has learned with ease and confidence. Our goal is a confident trained student who can apply what he has learned! Students receive a beautiful certificate upon graduation. We also provide chef jackets, hats and two meals daily!

The Master of Operations Class

This is the most comprehensive pizza class in the industry designed to cover all the basics of pizza making training and operations including custom pizza menus and recipes for your operation.

Ten Days of wood fired cooking and operations training at our school.   Mon through Friday for two weeks.  The lessons will be one on one with one of our master trainers.   We will work with you to develop specific dough recipes for your concept or teach you how to make some the greatest pies ever. We will cover toppings and sauces for cooking all pizzas in our wood fired oven. Every day will be hands on training. What that really means s is that you will make the dough from start to finish. You will be taught all the basic fundamentals about dough, how it works, and different levels of hydration, flour types, yeast types and dough trouble shooting. The training will be non- stop action of opening dough, rolling dough, topping pizzas, preparing sauces and toppings. You will also be cooking pizza, calzones, rolls, or whatever your concept will need. After two weeks of this you will be at an expert level of pizza making to say the least!

This also includes wood fired skills, cooking the pies, lighting the fires and oven basics. All wood fired skills will be reviewed daily.   You will also receive a work book and recipes needed for all items. This is all hands on live in a real restaurant so the experience will be totally applicable to operating your own store. This type of training is essential for any new operators to become completed grounded and trained in the art of wood fired pizza.

We provide you with all the ingredients you need to create your own pizzas daily. You will provide us with the list of ideas that you have prior to the training so we can be ready to service you. As part of the training we will also teach you about Food cost and Recipe specification sheets. We will teach you to calculate food cost and create specifications for each pizza.This will also include recipe spec sheets for all your items, with portions and procedures for making each pie.

Cheat Sheets We will also give you a “cheat sheet” for each pizza.  This will give you a breakdown of the procedure (step by step and portions) to produce each pizza, and help you to train your pizza makers in the future. This will include a colored photo of each item produced. This will be great tool for training staff.

We will also provide and train you on a Par sheet system that will allow you to set up pars (amounts needed daily) for all toppings and items that need to be prepped. This will allow you to keep all food prepped to the correct limits and help eliminate waste and spoilage.This will be on the cd with the food cost cheat sheets and step by step photos of all procedures. This is all part of the master of operations Training program !

We also review inventory and purchasing as it is similar to the par sheets and will  be helpful to understand the basic principles.  We will prepare an inventory par sheet for your store. This will include all items you need to purchase weekly or monthly for pizza operations.

We also provide you with our Line check system that will allow you to do quality checks daily on all your products produced. The line check is an integral part of all franchise operations to ensure quality and consistency of products. Doing this daily will make you become aware of all standards.. It allows you become familiar with each and every product produced.

We will also provide you with a custom training manual for your pizza staff. This will cover all the basics for food safety, daily opening closing procedures, and what you expect from them etc. It is a very comprehensive manual. This will set the tone for a professional approach it will have all you company policies such as uniform, days off, sexual harassment etc. We will give you this book on a cd so you can print sections as needed and modify it to your own standards with your company data and logo.    This will have your logo on the cover and be custom for your operation.

Other Services Continued Complete Consulting

Menu Engineering : We not only develop great pizza, but we also can help you to choose appetizers, pastas, entrees  or salads for your menu. You will receive all specifications and recipes for these items. And complete training on how to produce them.

Restaurant Operational Manuals. Manuals developed for all stations. Including hiring practices, health and safety issues, recipe standards , all opening and closing procedures for each station.    These are professional manuals that are use buy franchise companies for training all staff.  The manuals are part of the training for each area of your restaurant.

Restaurant Design We provide detailed lay outs of your restaurant based upon the menu and design of building. We will consult you on proper work flow diagrams and set ups that will allow you the most economical design.  We offer Compete mechanical drawings that can be used for build out purposes with all Equipment specified . The drawings will be in auto cad format as well as printed drawings with equipment schedule. Our designers have worked with us on dozens of jobs and understand what it is we do.  This will cover all equipment specifications, plumbing and electrical schematics. Wall backing materials and elevations for finish cabinetry where necessary. This will be done by our design team and you can present this to your local architect for filing as well as contractors for biding. Our approach to every design is to first understand the concept and vision. We do that through an interview process. It then is our job to utilize the space in the most efficient way. We understand the cost of employees and real estate. It is imperative that we do not waste either. We understand the cost of over-drawing and specifying needless kitchen equipment. Thousands of extra dollars can be spent with poor plumbing locations. We make sure that each floor drain can handle 2 or 3 pieces of equipment.The concept phase of the project is your complete layout based on your concept and vision. This includes helping define a menu to insure proper equipment specifications. The second phase is the rest of the package which includes foodservice plumbing plan, foodservice electrical, equipment specifications, equipment branding and Equipment Company pricing. Elevations of equipment are supplied when necessary as part of the package. All drawings that we provide  are Auto CAD based. We draw to all health department and ADA codes. The equipment we select for your space is based purely on the ability to produce a specific product. We do not overdraw or have any reason to exceed your budget. It is our job to realize your vision and concept and at the same time design a space that is very customer and employee friendly. Our full package fee is charged by the square footage of space.

Equipment Specifications; We will specify all equipment needs for your store.  We will get you the best prices out there and recommend only what you really need. This can save you a lot of money on needless equipment.  We will shop the cheapest prices and find you the best deals on the market. All equipment, ovens, tables, chairs, small wares and Point of Sale needs.

Print Menu and Logo development: We will also help you develop a logo and menu design. Dine in and take out. This will be given to you on cd with high resolution files for printing. You will receive four options for design after preliminary concept ideas are agreed upon.

Out -Sourcing and Product Specifications.

We can assist you in out sourcing all products with reliable vendors and provide to them a list of all specific ingredients needed.

Printing Services We can also provide you with printing companies for printing flyers, or any promo you will need at the best prices and service.

Grand Opening Press Release We  create and email all contacts in local media companies about your grand opening using our name and press as part of the media hype. We will also suggest marketing campaigns that will help create immediate attention and press coverage.

On Site Opening Assistance. We also provide a training team at your location. They will assist you in getting the store set up and ready to go. We also complete professional training of your staff. From cooks to wait staff!

We Travel! Need someone on location? Call us and we will help you.

Custom brick Ovens We build them. Imported real Italian brick ovens we sell them. Revolving brick ovens, coal ovens, grills or anything you can need built we do it. We are truly brick oven experts in every way and can set you up with exactly what you need.

Of course we will also offer you all the advice we can and help you in any way possible. We also have Web site developers, as on line ordering is something that we recommend. We also recommend mobile aps for phones and email marketing, this is all part of our services that we will help you with. We offer complete turnkey operations and concept development from 20 seats or 200! If you would like a quote for your project please call today. As professional trainers who have trained hundreds of students and worked on dozens of projects we make sure that our students learn in a friendly environment.


Scot Cosentino  Founder.  (718) 987- 2422 Click here :

Pizza Consulting Services

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Goodfella’s of New York

Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant Consulting Experts.

 Looking To Open Your Own Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant?

 We off complete consulting on everything you need.If you’re new to the restaurant business, or even an experienced operator we can help you open your own Wood Fired Pizza shop and or restaurant. We offer all types of services from Pizza School to Complete Concept Development Services. From 20 seats to 200. We can help you develop an award winning concept.

 Our Services:

 Menu Development and Engineering: Wood Fired  Pizza, Neapolitan style ,Thin Crust Brick Oven style, Gourmet Sauces, Brick Oven Breads, Pastas. Entrees, Salads, Sandwiches and Appetizers we offer culinary excellence in developing your whole menu.

Food Cost Evaluation: All dishes will be specified with detailed recipe books and procedures as well as food cost spread sheets for forecasting accurate costs.  

Operational Manuals.   We provide professional manuals for all staffing positions and training. From cooks to servers our manuals will help you train each and every employee you have to professional standards. These are the operating systems that will help you run an efficient restaurant. 

Site Evaluation and competition review: This is critical for all locations. You have to have a great location and study the market to see where it is your business will come from we can provide you with key data and research on your location. 

On Site Training at Your Location: Our expert staff of professionals can come to your location and train your entire staff and set up your whole restaurant. 

Pizza School. Come learn from the World’s best pizza makers well train you at one of our locations and develop a complete pizza menu for you!   

Imported Brick Ovens and Training,  Custom Built Brick Ovens and Grills, Revolving Brick Ovens and Training.

 Custom Graphic Menu and Logo Design .

We specialize in Startup Operations

Restaurant Design: We offer complete design packages for startup restaurants, We will provide detailed lay outs of your restaurant based upon the menu and design of building. We will consult you on proper work flow diagrams and set ups that will allow you the most economical design. We offer Compete mechanical drawings that can be used for build out purposes with all Equipment specified. We design to save you thousands and shop all equipment for the best values!  

 If your dream is to open your own wood fired pizza operation we can help make that a reality.  

  Complete Concept Development and training at your location. We offer services that nobody in the industry can provide for you. Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars on mistakes and time let us develop your whole concept! Call Today: We will be more then glad to answer your questions      (718) 987-2422



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